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Trix is now the preferred method of tick removal, trusted by health professionals, vets and pet lovers the world over.

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Customer Comments

“I am currently directing a programme of archaeological survey and excavation work on Exmoor National Park in the SW of England. As the work takes place over the summer months, it unfortunately coincides with the most active period for tick activity on the moor. As our work involves a combination of combing areas of tall grass and rushes looking for archaeological features, and getting down onto hands and knees to excavate, tick-bites are an expected (and unwelcome) hazard, bringing with them the possibility of Lyme disease. One of the key issues we face is the need to remove any ticks quickly, in order to minimise the possible transmission of any infection (see for example the guidance given in the excellent http://www.exploremoor.co.uk/tickleaflet.pdf). However, this means having to remove the ticks when they are extremely small, which has proven difficult in the past using traditional tools such as tweezers. This year we invested in a batch of Trix tick-removers that could be taken on site alongside our First Aid kits as well as made available back at the project base. In all cases the Trix removers worked perfectly – removing even the smallest ticks quickly and painlessly. Given their low cost and proven effectiveness they are now the first item of equipment I’ll be packing when we return to Exmoor next summer.”

cheers mark


Finding that my cat had a couple of strange lumps on his head I searched the web and eventually realised he had picked up a couple of ticks, one under his mouth and another under his ear.
My vet suggested either coating them with Vaseline to suffocate them,applying alcohol to their bodies or bringing them in to the practice where the vet would remove them by twisting them off. They also said I could try to pull them off with a pair of tweezers but to be extremely careful as any remaining part of the ticks could cause infection.

I didnt fancy the Vaseline idea believing he would soon try to lick it off and tried alcohol with no effect whatsoever so I went on the web again and found various tick removal tools.

The Trix Tick lasso was one of the most expensive but compared with a single trip to the vet I thought it might be a good investment if it worked and at under a tenner (delivered) it had to be worth a shot.

My cat is pretty nervous and simply trying to see the tick properly is difficult enough but having got him relaxed on my lap it was a really easy task to loop the lasso over the tick, let go of the button, twist once and pull. Okay, it pulled a couple of hairs out as well which he didnt particularly like but the tick came off perfectly. Same again an hour or so later when my cat had settled again to remove the second tick and the same success.

I can only say that it's one of those things that does exactly what you want and expect and it does it perfectly. And much to my relief I dont have to shell out to the vet if he gets more.

Thanks Misotrading, you've made us both very happy! Adrian

adrians cat tick 1
adrians cat tick 2
adrians  cat tick removed
ben the dog!
bens ticks

Hi Victoria, thought I'd let you know how I was finding the tick lasso very useful. I have a rough-coated Jack Russell named Ben who loves to explore. Well, on Saturday he found a lot more than he or I expected! After walking through deep bracken he ended up with about a dozen or so ticks on him, with one embedded right on the edge of what would be on us the eyelid. If there is anything that Ben won't tolerate it's anything going near his eyes. My wife thought that a visit to the vet would be needed to remove the tick but within a couple of seconds, using the tick lasso it was safely and painlessly removed. Where the tick was positioned, I certainly wouldn't have even considered using metal tweezers to remove it, but the tick lasso had no problems whatsoever. It's a great bit of kit that should be in every first aid kit. I've enclosed a shot of some of the ticks. While it's not a great shot, you can clearly see that the mouthpieces are intact, showing that the tick lasso really does 'what it says on the tin'! 
What really prompted me to drop you a line though was an incident that occured yesterday. While walking with another dog walker we heard his spaniel yelping in pain. Examining his dog we found that it had been stung on its nose by a bee. A bee sting is basically a barbed tube with a venom sac attached. The venom sac has its own muscles which continue to pump venom for several minutes after the initial sting, so quick removal is essential. Using tweezers will only make the injury worse, as, like ticks, any compression will only cause more material to be forced into the wound. (see, I knew my degree in Environment would be useful someday!) Looking at the poison sac on the spaniel I was struck by its similarity to a tick. Well, nothing ventured.... the tick lasso removed the bee sting just as easily as it removes ticks! It might be worthwhile to have a look at its use for this. I found that, due to its barbed structure the removal of a bee sting is the same as for ticks, but without the twisting motion. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me to show the sting in the lasso, but maybe someone else might manage to get a shot that you could use.
So once again thank you for a great product. I can definitely recommend it to everyone who is at risk from ticks. (and bee stings!).


The Trix is now my tick remover of choice, being one-handed in operation and more positive than either the O'Tom or tweezers. I'm leaving all three on the website since cost may affect other users' choice or availability.
Ian from www.nontix.co.uk

I had heard about the Trix and how efficient it was, which was why I was so eager to try it once it was available in the UK. I have only had two ticks to try it out on so far, one was quite swollen and very easy to remove but the next one I found had only just attached and was tiny but the Trix removed it just as easily and cleanly. I have found it much easier to use than the hooks I obtained from the Vet and can highly recommend it. Yours sincerely Mrs S, Norfolk

On a country walk there are few things dogs enjoy more than looking into rabbit holes. And most owners know what can come shortly after that – ticks and fleas, writes Kerry Williamson, Managing Director of Dog World, Britain's best selling canine newspaper.

Successfully removing a tick without leaving the head still buried in the skin, and which may be a possible source of infection, can be a real worry. Then, on a trip to Sweden to judge Tibetan Spaniels, I discovered a fantastic tick removing device that looks like a ball point pen. Except when you press it, instead of the ball point, a tiny nylon lasso pops out. The lasso tightens around the tick’s neck when the pen top is released. When the pen is turned anti-clockwise, out comes the tick - still intact and unable to escape. I have never taken a tick out this way and ‘lost’ the head.

As is so often the case, the best ideas are often the simplest. I couldn’t recommend this product more highly and, what's more, it is now available in the UK from Miso Trading. This is a highly effective and inexpensive solution to a problem I used to dread.

I was looking for a tick remover for use on both humans and animals, purchasing the trix tick remover proved beyond all shadow of doubt to be the correct choice.
At a recent cub scout camp it proved both invaluable and efficient in removing even the tinniest of ticks, and easy to use, and I would most certainly recommend the trix tick remover to anyone.

Mr Yard, Fife

After years of removing ticks from my dogs I can honestly say that this is the best tick remover I have used. It is so easy to grab hold of the tick removing it completely therefore really reassuring that there is no part of the tick is left to cause infection or illness to the dog. A fantastic gadget and will definitely be ordering more to have them to hand out of the home.

Kind regards


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I used it in anger last week! It's one of those things you buy not wanting to have to use, but really glad you did when the time comes. With publicity in the Mountain Biking community over the increase in ticks with a mild winter & wet summer and the increase in Lyme’s Disease carried by some ticks, I thought it wise to get a remover. I wanted to be able to remove cleanly, as incorrect removal could cause fluid transfer from an infected tick back to host.

Anyway, after a walk near my holiday cottage, I returned noticing an itch in my shin. Closer inspection revealed a small tick. I used the Trix and got it out first time, no problems or irritation. What sold me on the Trix was the compact size and adjustability meaning that one device can do large and small ticks as well as awkward sites. It now lives in my first aid kit I carry on walks & biking.

I would like to thank you for your prompt delivery of my Trix, the tool is very easy to use and removed my dogs tick's with ease.

Many thanks
Michael Wedge
Std Longhaired Dachshunds

Have moved to a new property which is surrounded by sheep and our little brown terrier has been unindated with ticks!! - the Trix tick remover is a safe, quick, pain free and efficient gadget to remove these unwanted little demons

With Deer on my land, the dogs, livestock, and, unfortunately, myself, occasionally have need of a little removal. The Trix Tick remover sits handily in my pocket like a biro, and is so simple to use, even on the smallest tick. One looped around, the tick is properly gripped, even if the animal moves unexpectedly. One simple turn, and the tick is off. Yes, there are preventative chemicals and I do use them, but sometimes the ticks attach and die, locked onto the animal, and the Trix Tick remover simply gets the job done, cleanly, and quickly.

Julian Pearson

As a dog groomer, I have recently seen an increase in ticks this year. It is always a worry that the head may be missed whilst removing the tick but trix tick remover has eradicated that concern as it effectively removes the whole tick.
Mrs Audland

One of our stockists Uksafari has had some feedback from Folly Wildlife Rescue who used the product on hedgehogs - You can see some excellent images of the Trix in use on their site - click here

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